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Everything about WhatsApp iOS to Android you Shouldn’t Miss!

by | Jun 23, 2021 | iOS to Android, iPhone to Android, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

If you have an iPhone user and recently switched to an Android device or wish to keep an Android device along with your iPhone, you need to transfer your files and WhatsApp data from iOS to Android. How do you do so smoothly and more efficiently without facing any hassle? As both the operating platforms do not provide any easy way to share data between iOS and Android devices, you may need some third-party apps to move WhatsApp from iOS to Android. Today’s discussion will mention some terrific methods to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android for free.

Part 1: Can I migrate WhatsApp from iOS to Android through WhatsApp?

No, you won’t be able to migrate WhatsApp from iOS to Android through WhatsApp. But WhatsApp is developing the feature Chat History Migration and will release it in a future update. WhatsApp gives a lot of priority to this feature because the need for this feature is increasing among WhatsApp users. As it will change your experience on WhatsApp totally, this update will allow your WhatsApp account so that you can link other iOS and Android devices. WABetaInfo has already announced that a future update for iOS and Android will include the features to be easy for you to migrate WhatsApp from iOS to Android, including chat history.

updating information

Part 2: How to move WhatsApp from iOS to Android in one click?

To move your WhatsApp data, you will need to choose the best platforms. Thus, we selected some top platforms with their price to choose an affordable iOS to Android WhatsApp transfer tool.

1. Dr. Fone – WhatsApp transfer

Dr. Fone has a unique option of WhatsApp backup on iOS and Android apart from moving other content with the Dr. Fone WhatsApp Transfer tool. You can backup WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and then restore the Backup to other iOS or Android devices. It also supports restoring the backup of LINE, WeChat, Kik, Viber social media chat history with 100% safe and no data leakage.

Dr. Fone WhatsApp Transfer offers a 1 Year License plan for 1-5 phone devices and 1 PC for $21.95, a Lifetime License for 1-5 mobile devices, and 1 PC at $29.95, 1 Year Business License plan that allows using unlimited devices but 1 PC at $245.99.

dr. fone

Step 1: Connect your iOS device and Back up WhatsApp messages

To back up WhatsApp from iOS to Android, download Dr. Fone WhatsApp transfer and choose “Backup WhatsApp messages.” Get your iPhone device connected to your computer for an automatic backup.

Step 2: View the backup and select data

Select the backup file you wish to view, choose WhatsApp data, and select “Restore to Device”; to restore it to the Android device

Step 3: Restore data

Connect your Android device to your computer, tap the Restore, and WhatsApp data transfer will begin.

restore data

2. BackupTrans

BackupTrans WhatsApp iOS to Android transfer is the best tool for transferring WhatsApp data from iOS to Android on the computer. With BackupTrans, your WhatsApp Chat History will be copied easily and merged efficiently. Transfer, Backup from iTunes, and restore those Backup WhatsApp messages from devices directly in one click on your Windows or Mac at ease. Including the attachments like videos, photos, and documents shared on WhatsApp chat, you can Backup and restore WhatsApp effectively.

BackupTrans includes a Personal Edition at $19.95 for three devices, a Family Edition at $29.95 for eight devices, and a Business Edition offers at $149.95 for unlimited devices.


Here is how to move WhatsApp from iOS to Android device with all data on it in one click with BackupTrans.

Step 1: Initial setup and chat backup

Turn off iCloud Backup on your iPhone, launch iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer on your computer. Next, connect your iOS and Android device to your computer via the USB cable. A message will pop out on Android; click on the “Back up my data,” make a chat backup on phone storage and the computer, click “OK” to continue.

Step 2: Choose the WhatsApp data

The software will load all chats from your iPhone and Android device and appear on its main interface. Click the Devices list that you want to copy from.

Step 3: Transfer all WhatsApp Messages

Turn to the top toolbar > Press “Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android” or go File > Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android.

transfer messages

3. Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer

For the process of WhatsApp backup from iOS to Android, Mobitrix helps to transfer WhatsApp data on whole or selective directly. With this application, you can move all WhatsApp data types such as image, video, text content, attachment, voice message, emoji, stickers, etc. it supports the latest version of iOS 14 and Android version like 12. It gives you 100% security to protect your privacy. You can backup WhatsApp data because the cloud servers have no more storage restrictions. You can restore those backups anytime and then transfer WhatsApp from iOS to Android.

The Mobitrix offers a Lifetime License for 1-5 Devices and 1PC for $19.95. In addition, it has another 1-Year License plan for 1-5 Devices and 1PC for $18.95.

mobitrix whatsapp transfer

Step 1: Download Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer and connect devices

Download Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer, install it on your computer and run it. Connect both iPhone and Android devices to your computer via a USB line.

Step 2: Transfer data

To start the data-moving process, tap “Transfer.”

transfer data

Step 3: Complete the whole process

While transferring WhatsApp, keep your devices connected to the computer. Depending on the size of the file, it will take time.

Part 3: iOS to Android WhatsApp transfer free

1. Email Chat

Check out the details of how to transfer WhatsApp from iOS to Android, including chat history with email chat:

Step 1: Go to Email chat

From your iPhone, go to the “Settings” in WhatsApp > Tap on “Chat Settings” > Click “Email chat.”

Step 2: Transfer WhatsApp history
Select the WhatsApp history that you want to transfer. A window will show “Attaching Media will generate a larger email message” > Click “Without Media”/” Attach Media” based on your need.

transfer whatsapp history

Step 3: Send the file to the email address

Type in the email address > hit “Send.” Then, log in to your email account on your Android phone to view your old WhatsApp chats.

2. Chat backup

Your WhatsApp chats can be backed up when you will turn your back up option. The data will get saved daily to your device’s memory. In addition, you can periodically backup your WhatsApp chats to Google Drive. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Chat backup

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone device. Log into your account. Go to “Settings” > Tap the “Chats” > Select “Chat Backup”.

Step 2: Back up data
Select the “Back Up Now” option and begin backing up WhatsApp Data.

chat backing up

Step 3: Sign in to WhatsApp

On your Android phone, download WhatsApp and install it. Sign in to your WhatsApp account. It will ask you whether to restore data from backup.

Step 4: Restore

Lastly, select “Restore” and restore from WhatsApp iCloud, and wait till it isn’t done.


At the last stage of our discussion regarding iOS to Android WhatsApp transfer, you have all the transferring solutions that will help you to accomplish every task smoothly. Each of the methods mentioned above is reliable for transferring WhatsApp data from iOS to Android. Now choose your preferred method best suited to your particular requirement and situation. Give it a try.