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[8 ways] How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone?

by | Jun 25, 2021 | iOS to iOS, Phone Data Transfer Tips And Solutions

People always want to switch to the newly launched iPhone to get new features and enjoy improved performance. After all, Apple always gives you surety and the reason to change to the latest model by providing unique features. So, if you are an old WhatsApp user and recently got the latest iPhone device, you may be thinking of transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone. It will be easy to share WhatsApp data with our handpicked ways on how to move WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone seamlessly. Let’s explore these options in detail.

Part 1: How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone in one click?


1. Wondershare MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

Wondershare MobileTrans is a desktop application widely used to transfer files from device to device with over 50 million users has become successful in moving data from one phone to another. You can quickly share WhatsApp, other social apps and get the data restored from cloud backups. Wondershare MobileTrans allows any data type, including videos, photos, text messages, apps, songs, and more. A single tap with Wondershare MobileTrans can efficiently complete WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to iPhone without requiring iTunes or iCloud.



  • It allows transfer on more than 8000 devices including every latest model of Android, iPhone, Windows phone, and tablets.
  • Transfer WhatsApp and its data between two devices running Android or iOS.
  • Back up chat histories, videos, photos, attachments, files, and more to the computer.
  • Restore your WhatsApp backups anytime to any device.
  • Export WhatsApp message histories from computer to PDF or HTML.

2. AppTrans

Are you trying to find a solution on how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone? One of the best solutions for all types of app transfer that you may try is AppTrans. If you have a new iPhone and want iPhone to iPhone WhatsApp transfer with data, AppTrans helps move WhatsApp chats. You can restore WhatsApp data from your Google Drive backup to your iPhone or from the backup of iTunes without deleting existing data. In short, AppTrans allows three types of backups, including AppTrans backup, Google Drive WhatsApp backup, and iTunes backup. Your chats from the old iPhone device will merge into recent conversations, and you will get a complete chat history.



  • Back up, restore, and transfer all types of apps and app data, including WhatsApp, in one click.
  • It doesn’t require jailbreak or rooting of your phone.
  • Transfer WhatsApp and all data across iPhones and Android devices without facing the risk of data loss or privacy leaks.
  • Move and copy WhatsApp chats and files without removing or erasing any data of the targeted device.
  • Provides expert team with over 10 years of experience to give you the best result.

3. Mobitrix WhatsApp transfer

To transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone, you can use the Mobitrix WhatsApp moving platform. It also allows you to transfer WhatsApp chat history directly between any Android and iPhone. It supports all WhatsApp data such as conversation, text, video, voice message, sticker, image, attachment, emoji, etc. It supports multi-platform, including the latest version of iOS 14 and Android 12 also. You can backup WhatsApp and its data as much as you want to transfer through iPhone or Android device. It doesn’t restrict storage by the cloud Transfer data solely without any risk of leaking your privacy.



  • Backup the WhatsApp and all data included to your computer.
  • Unlimited data backup storage without giving you the limitation of Google Drive and iCloud.
  • It doesn’t become affected by your internet speed with fast backup.
  • 100% secure and safe to protect the privacy of users.
  • Support WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business data and content transfer.

4. EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover is the best alternative to iTunes, a robust iOS device data and content transfer and management solution to access your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod data from your computer and transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to iPhone. Apart from transferring data, it is a free video and audio downloader and allows access to more than 1000 sites to download video and music files. It fully supports WhatsApp texts backup, restore, as well as transfer.

easeus mobimover


  • Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone easily.
  • Backup and restore WhatsApp chat and data via a PC
  • It supports WhatsApp chats and attachments including photos, videos, stickers, and other media files.
  • Free iPhone data transfer from one iPhone or iPad device to another.
  • Download online videos and audio tracks to your computer or iPhone or iPad.

5. Dr. Fone – WhatsApp transfer

Transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone with Dr. Fone, a popular WhatsApp transfer solution to transfer your WhatsApp account and your old conversations to your new device. WhatsApp transfer, backup, and restore have become simple with Dr.Fone. In 1 click, it allows transferring WhatsApp messages from various devices, including iPhone or iPad or Android, to iPhone or iPad or Android directly. You can use this platform to selectively or entirely transfer your WhatsApp chat history between the devices. Using Dr.Fone WhatsApp Business Transfer, you will find it easy to switch your history chats with the attached file.



  • Allows transferring WhatsApp effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Transfer WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business chat in a click and simple way.
  • Backup WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp Business history and then restore to iOS or Android.
  • It allows keeping backup LINE, WeChat, Kik, and Viber on iOS devices.
  • Selectively or entirely transfer data of WhatsApp.

Part 2: How to transfer WhatsApp iPhone to iPhone in-built?

Transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone with some top solutions in this section. Follow any method below to WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to iPhone.

1. iCloud backup

By default, it is possible to link your iCloud account to WhatsApp. This option allows you to take its backup on the cloud. And while setting up your new iPhone device, you can use the same iCloud account, and you can restore an

existing backup. Note that it will consume large storage on your iCloud. You can try to transfer WhatsApp to iPhone 12 if you have enough free storage on your iCloud.

Step 1: Make an iCloud backup

On your old iPhone, open the WhatsApp application and navigate to ‘Settings.’ Click on the ‘Chats’ option followed by the ‘Back Up Now’ option or Auto backup for regular backup.

keep backup

Step 2: Launch WhatsApp to new iPhone

After taking a backup on your old device, uninstall WhatsApp. Then log out of your account. Now, you need to install WhatsApp on your new iPhone device. Remember to log in to the same iCloud account on your new device.

Step 3: Restore chat

When setting the login on WhatsApp on your new device, you have to enter the same phone number you used to open your account before registering. It will then automatically detect the existing backup of your old one for this new device. Click on the ‘Restore Chat History,’ and you will get back the current chats.

restore from icloud

2. WhatsApp iCloud backup

Another great way to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to iPhone can be via the WhatsApp backup. Let’s check the steps on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without SIM card usages.

Step 1: Chat backup

Open WhatsApp on the old iPhone device, WhatsApp settings option, click the ‘Chat Settings,’ and then go to select ‘Chat Backup.’

Step 2: Go to ‘WhatsApp’ app
In the ‘Chat Backup’ screen, you will see several options for the automatic and manual backup of the device. Now, go to the ‘WhatsApp’ app on your new iPhone device. Sign in to your WhatsApp account.


Step 3: Start the restoration process

Click on the ‘Restore History Chat’ when prompted, and immediately the restoration process will start.

restore chat history

3. iTunes

If you have already kept an iTunes backup of your chat history on your old iPhone device, you can quickly restore your backup and transfer WhatsApp iPhone to iPhone. You will get WhatsApp texts on the device. Follow these simple steps for moving data.

Step 1: Launch iTunes

Connect your old iPhone to your computer. Download and launch iTunes. Before beginning the backup process, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: Backup data

After detecting iTunes on your iPhone device:

  • Click on iTunes.
  • Go to the ‘Summary’ and view the backup screen.
  • Tap on ‘Back up now’ to make a full backup of all your previous data on your old device, including all the WhatsApp data on it.

Step 3: Restore old data

After completing the backup process, disconnect your old iPhone from your computer, and connect your new device. Automatically iTunes will detect the new device. Tap on the ‘Restore Backup’ option in the ‘Manually Backup and Restore’ section, choose the most recent backup you had created, tap ‘Restore,’ and start the process.

restore backup data

Keep your device connected to your computer until the restore process is finished.


Thus, we are at the last stage of our discussion regarding transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone. Please note that you can pick any of the platforms to complete the WhatsApp transfer from iPhone to iPhone and move WhatsApp and files of backed-up WhatsApp successfully. Lastly, we hope with the help of our solutions; you get the best experience in securing your data.