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Complete Transition Pack for Videos on PC/Online/Mobile

by | May 15, 2021 | Video Creation Solution, Video Transition Tips

The video transitions are an utmost requirement of nearly every video and film today. Generally, it is a transition that helps viewers identify one scene or shot from another. Applying changes is one of the most crucial techniques in a session of video editing. Another video transition can be called ‘cut,’ which takes you to the next scene without any specific visual cue except the scene modification. This article will discuss our complete information on video editor transitions, including the corresponding tools, types, importance, and application procedure.

So, let s begin without further ado!

Part 1: 10 Popular Video Transition Effects

Are there any popular video transition effects commonly used by video editors?

In answer to the above question, we’ll define ten popular video editor transitions along with their brief intro and respective images.

1 Photo Transitions

It’s great to start with the fundamental photo transitions. These are ideal for giving your projects a clean and minimalistic look. This pack of photo transitions consists of 24 video transitions with multipurpose capability and fast rendering.

photo video transitions

2 Dope Transitions

These are the transitions to use if you want to bring excitement and style to the video content. It is one of the famous packs with 400 different transitions.

dope video transitions

3 Triangular Distort Transition

As the name suggests, it depicts a triangle-shaped transition that looks classy and unique at the same time. It consists of a frame centric around to contain a distorted effect.

triangle distort video transitions

4 Digital Static

It represents a temporary digital distortion between different video clips. This video transition helps your footage look cooler.

digital static video transitions

5 3D Transitions

The 3D elements are significant when you want to make a specific video content look more engaging. Apply these elements to boring videos and see the magic happens. Download these transitions here.

3d video transitions

6 Free Stroble Video Transitions

It is a set of free video transitions in a strobe effect. They consist of a pretty dynamic look that is best suited to fashion and marketing videos.

strobe free video transitions

7 Seamless Video Transitions

It contains a set of handy transitions that are pretty seamless and charming to worth considering. These transitions generally use effects such as blends and overlaps.

seamless video transitions

8 Luma Fade Transitions

It is a pretty exciting expedition and great for those who love to travel the world. These are free video transitions to impress the viewers first hand.

luma fade video transitions

9 Travel Film Transitions

It is a collection of free video transitions by Adobe Premiere Pro. This transition further contains a list of effects such as luma fade, smooth warp, smooth spin, quick zoom, etc., to be used in music and travel videos.

You can download the pack here .

travel video transitions

10 Multipurpose Clean Transitions

Try out these clean transitions if you are working on a presentation or corporation kind of project. The pack contains 60 free video transitions to take note of.

clean video transitions

Part 2: Video Transition Tools PC/Online/Smartphone

Are you looking for the best video transition tools?

Stay tuned to this section if you said yes! Even though most of the packs are free video transitions above, most of them are still from part of an expensive video editor called Adobe Premiere Pro. Thus, they may not be a compatible fit, especially for beginners. For this purpose, we have found four such high-quality and competitive video editing software for Premiere Pro, as mentioned below.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the easiest yet professional editing option for both novice users and high-end editors. It outranges every other video editor in terms of the user interface, quality features, and customer support. Filmora is quite powerful to apply Windows video editor transitions. Not only Windows, but you can also use it on Mac devices. Let’s note down the critical specifications of software, namely the Motion Tracking, Keyframing, Color Match, Audio Ducking, and so on. The best part is the involvement of a pretty low learning curve with Filmora compared to other video editors.

wondershare filmora

You can use the inbuilt transition pack of Filmora, as shown below, to add effects to your editing projects.

free video transitions filmora

2. Typito

Want to edit your videos with text? If yes, this Typito video editor is more than ideal for your projects. It helps you create stunning videos using different text effects that you can genuinely customize in sizing and design. It contains 20+ video formats, 500+ free templates, and over a lakh+ free images to choose from. Yet, this video editor is great to include only a tiny range or level of text transitions that are much different from the changes mentioned above. Thus, you can go for Typito in case of basic projects that don’t involve much professionalism or scene differentiation.


3. Splice

Splice is a mobile video editing app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is entirely free and contains a straightforward user interface as compared to other apps. You can customize a project using its massive library of free sound effects and music. It also contains a list of editing tools that help users cut, trim, refine, adjust, crop, animate, add overlays, and apply filters, title slides, etc. So, the process of adding transitions is pretty straightforward with the inbuilt library.


4. Inshot

Like the previous one, InShot is also compatible with Android and iOS platforms making the process of editing transitions hassle-free. The user interface of InShot is quite primary and most accessible among all our suggestions. All in all, you have three options to edit within the InShot, namely the Video, Photo, and Collage. After adding or selecting one of these, you’re good to go with the inbuilt editing tools of InShot such as Split, Speed Adjustment, apply filters, text, selecting aspect ratio, background, crop, rotate, reverse, freeze, etc.


Part 3: FAQs

1 What are video transitions and their importance?

Video Transitions is a video editing technique used to cut or differentiate a shot from one another in particular footage. The very importance of using video transitions lies in the fact of making your projects more attractive. It further sets the viewers in a specific mood when one scene changes to another.

2 Are there any transition types?

There are countless transition types, but we will discuss mainly three of them for easy reference. Those video transitions are as follows.

  • Cross-Fade

Fades define the building block of any transition effect. It further consists of various types, including fade-in, fade-out, and cross-fade.

  • Fade to Black

It is the simplistic transition anyone can ever use. As the name suggests, the transition will ultimately lead to a black screen in minimal duration to differentiate one scene from another.

  • No Transitions

Use no transition-transition effect, which isn t attractive at all for high-end projects. However, you can go without transitions if the project doesn’t include a high number of shot divisions.

3 When transition can be applied to a video?

You can apply the transition to a video or film or footage whenever you want to identify a specific scene from one another. You can further use it to highlight a change of direction or mood of the audience. At the very least, these transitions help create a speed loop to visualize the ongoing process.


Although it is a breeze to apply video transitions, knowledge is always required to become a professional. It is the reason we have tried our best to offer you with our complete guide on video editor transitions by discussing their definition, importance, types, and application procedure. So, you should check out every section if you want to study transitions in-depth. It will not only help you in effective application but also help you go through the required info of video editing sessions.