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[Solved] How to Trim Video with/without PowerPoint Hassle-free?

by | May 15, 2021 | Trim Videos, Video Creation Solution

What is the best app to trim videos super quickly?

In answer to the mentioned above commonly asked question, we have various profound methods to do this minor video editing task. However, the post will begin with trimming videos in PowerPoint without complicating the simple steps required. Then, there will be an informative section on using other pretty fantastic and straightforward tools to compare the outdated looking method of trimming video via PowerPoint. Well, behind the scenes of these

tasks most probably comes with specific valid reasons. First of all, cutting a video lets you remove those black bars or unwanted edges that may interrupt the creativity of the project or viewers’ attention. And, it’s the first and only fundamental reason you need to know how to trim video files.

So, lets get started with our discussion of different ways without further ado!

Part 1: How to trim video in PowerPoint?

Sometimes referred to as PPT or PP, PowerPoint is a slide presentation program created by Microsoft to depict important information, charts, Infographics, and images. And, there is a provision to add video as well. Thus, you can easily trim for each video or audio you will insert into the PowerPoint.

Below is our step-by-step guide on trimming video files in the PowerPoint Windows operating system.

Steps to trim video without losing quality in PowerPoint Windows OS

We assume that you’ve already inserted the video into the PowerPoint slide and now looking to trim a video.

Step 1:

  • Go to the slide.
  • Select video.
  • Hit the Video Tools section with two different tabs: the Playback and Format.

select video border


Step 2: Select PlaybackTrim Video button. Play the video to check where you want to trim it.

Step 3: Press Pause whenever you reached the section to trim the video portion. Click the Next Frame and Previous Frame options to clear out the marker locations.

Step 4: Check the screenshot below to understand what you’re precisely required to do. Click the starting point if you want to trim the beginning section of the video. A two-headed arrow will appear afterward, which you will need to drag right to the starting position.

And, you need to click the ending point to trim the video in the ending section. Then, the two-headed arrow will get dragged to the last point to confirm trimming.

trim video in powerpoint

Part 2: Other Alternatives to trim video file

So, this was all about the trimming in the PowerPoint presentation program. You can perform the same task via other video editing tools we’re going to mention below in brief.

1. SolveigMM Video Splitter

solveigmm video splitter

As the name suggests, it’s a video splitter with different critical features worth considering. The platform is specifically to cut and combine other audio and video parts of the movie. Furthermore, it is available for free for Windows OS users. It can manage your home video, sportscast recordings, pet videos, other social media video projects, etc.

Steps to trim video via SolveigMM Video Splitter

Step 1: Open the media file and select Add Marker tab in the Edit section. De-select Slider K-Frame Positioning and Marker K-Frame Positioning tabs.

Step 2: Then, you need to adjust the markers.

Step 3: Save the file after selecting Save Selected Frame Segment As button.

trim video solveigmm

2. OBS


OBS is another effective video trimming tool that is primarily software for live streaming and video recording purposes. It is available on platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Overall, it offers a creative set of features if you’re into things like podcasting, video production, and post audio production. The key features are setting up an unlimited number of scenes, high-tech and real-time audio/video capturing, custom transitions, plugin support, streamlined settings panel, etc.

Steps to trim video via OBS

Step 1: Add video file

Step 2: Select the Crop/Pad button

Step 3: Enter trimming values

trim video obs

3. Avidemux


Avidemux is a free video editing tool where you can easily trim video files. The tool is also compatible with simple filtering, cutting, and encoding activities. Moreover, the Avidemux program is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and BSD operating systems. Overall, it’s an ideal video editing program for beginners though the interface looks a bit outdated and lacks specific advanced editing tools.

Steps to trim video via Avidemux

Step 1: Import the video file into Avidemux.

Step 2: Search the video section you’d like to trim and go to the start portion as close as possible. Consider the Frame Type of the current frame or use simple left and right arrows to look for the ideal frame.

In this manner, find the right starting as well as ending frame.

Step 3: Go to File Save. Save Video after you finish trimming.

trim video avidemux

4. Animaker


Are you looking to trim video Instagram stories or Instagram reels? If yes, go ahead with Animaker’s best platform to offer you different intuitive ways to trim the movie section. All in all, Animaker is online video editing software that helps you let your video marketing reach new heights. Right over the main interface of Animaker’s website, you can start creating videos via the incredible editing tools. And, one of those tools is defined below.

Steps to trim video via Animaker

Step 1: Open the Trim tool and upload the video file.

Step 2: Click the Scissors (trim) icon and use the handles depicted below to adjust videos.

Step 3: Hit the Download button to confirm.

trim video animaker

5. OpenShot


OpenShot is our last yet practical choice if you’re looking to trim videos in no time. It’s handy software specifically when looking to trim videoInstagram story or trim video for Instagram only. It consists of features like cross-platform compatibility, keyframes, animations, video effects, unlimited tracks, and audio waveforms. Let’s check out its trimming section as follows!

Steps to trim video via OpenShot

Step 1: Import your video file in OpenShot.

Step 2: Place the media to the timeline panel and drag the slider to where you want to trim the sections.

Step 3: Click the scissors icon to confirm the trimming.

trim video openshot

Part 3: FAQs

1. What to do if I couldnt trim a video on PowerPoint on PC?

There could be four following possible deviations if you cant trim video on PowerPoint PC.

  • Mismatch version problem
  • Check your Microsoft subscription status
  • Check if you have the Macs latest version
  • Try changing PowerPoint settings in your Mac

2. Can I trim a video in VLC?

Given below is a list of simple steps that you need to trim video in VLC.

  • Go to View Advanced Controls button.
  • Open the video that you’re looking to trim. Play the video. Drag the pointer to the starting section, as shown below.
  • trim video vlc

  • Then, select the Frame by Frame button for clear understanding. At last, hit the Record button again after reaching the last point.

3 Can I trim a video on Windows 10 in-built?

Listed below are simple steps you need to trim video in Windows 10.

  • Right-click the video file and open it with the Photos app.
  • Select the Trim button and adjust the two white sliders to decide your trimming sections.
  • Hit the Save a Copy button after you finish.

trim video windows 10


Hence, we read through various ways to trim videos with/without using PowerPoint, and it’s time to put out our concluding statements. Although it is on you to selct the method you’ve found more facilitating yet, we want to mention certain deciding factors to ease your process. First, you must check the ease of user interface along with the professional outcome. Secondly, the tool you’re using shouldn’t be ruining the original video quality. All in all, take some time to consider the steps required in each instrument and then go for the best one that suits your professional needs. Also, you can select randomly if your task to trim video is only occasional.