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Best 5 Video Editors for PC and Online

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Best Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

“How do I choose the best video editor?”

Before you select the best video editor for your projects, invest some time learning video editing basics. It will not only help you save money but tell you the fundamentals of how top-quality video editors look like. As we all know, video marketing is the next big thing after content marketing; you need to understand the significance of video editing firsthand. That is why we have structured this post to offer you with best free video editor and video editing apps.

So, let’s begin without further ado!

Part 1: Best 3 Video Editor for PC

Given below are the three best video editors made for PC. We want to explain them with an easy step-by-step guide briefly.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro has a flexible, good-looking, and non-linear user interface. Also, it is comparatively easy to get started with Premiere Pro if you have taken up any advanced video editing projects. Yet, the learning curve associated with this video editor is a bit high, especially when you are a beginner.

The latest Adobe Premiere Pro update is quite touch-friendly and helps you quickly move timeline elements and clips around with fingers or tapping buttons.

Steps to edit Video with Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: Create New Project

Visit Adobe Premiere Pro and launch the software by either clicking Free Trial or Buy Now tab. Install and click New Project in the Start Screen. Then, name it as shown below.

install adobe premiere pro video editor

Step 2: Import Media

Set up workspace within the software by clicking Window> Workspaces> Assembly. Import media after you click Ingest box on the top of the panel.

import media adobe premiere pro video editorStep 3: Edit clips

Head over to the Editing workspace by selecting Window> Workspaces>Editing. Now, you can create a sequence of video clips, as shown below.

edit clips adobe video editorStep 4: Export

At last, you need to export your video project after modifying little the settings as given below.

export project adobe video editor

2. Final Cut Pro X

The FCPX is one of the best video editing software by Apple. Thus, it is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Furthermore, the Smart Conform is its latest new feature that consumes AI to crop the widescreen content into social media formats and mobile device screens.

Steps to edit video with Final Cut Pro X

Step 1: Create Project

Launch FCPX and create a new project via FileNewProject tab. You need to set up a library if you are using it for the first time by executing the FileNewLibrary tab as shown below.

create project fcpx video editorStep 2: Import Media

Import Media files by selecting File> Import> Media tab. Select the clips or images and confirm with Import Selected.

import media fcpx video editorStep 3: Edit

Firstly, you must know that the learning curve of FCPX is also quite large. So, we are only sharing a bit of it to preview how editing looks like in FCPX. You have to organize clips or other media and explore different tools, as shown below.

fcpx video editingStep 4: Export project

For export purposes, you have to go to FileShare and then select the format. Now, you need to go through specific export settings before confirmation.

fcpx video editor export project

3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

The Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is well-known software as a video editor for PC. Its latest version comes with extensive editing tools, improved color grading options, and new functions for multiple video overlaying. Yet, it is only a Windows video editor. Its video editing interface is quite simple, with a little bit of a learning process.

Steps to edit video with Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Step 1: Start project

After you finish launching the software, open the Home Screen and click Edit to start the project.

start project VideoStudio video editorStep 2: Drag media

It’s time to drag media into the Timeline using the Browse option. It will take a few seconds to import the entire media.

drag media videostudio video editorStep 3: Begin Editing

You can add transitions, effects, and filters within the timeline for video editing. Moreover, you can modify these tools at your convenience. There are various color correction tools, including LUT, Lens correction, and so on.

begin editing VideoStudio video editorThere are various advanced editing tools such as multi-camera capture, 360-degree video editing, speed effects, animation, etc.

Step 4: Export project

At last, you have to save your project by clicking File> Save As. Then, go to the Share panel on the top of the editing panel and select the output format and the platform over which you want to share it.

export project VideoStudio video editorSo, these were the entire best video editor for PC, along with their quick editing process.

Part 2: Top 2 Online Video Editor

Let’s switch our discussion to video editors specifically designed online. We’ll describe the brief editing procedures of the two best online video editors as well.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the best video-making apps by Adobe. Spark contains three elements, including the Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video. Its Spark Video element helps create short videos by adding video clips, photos, icons, or own audio. Let’s see how video editing looks here!

Steps to edit video with Adobe Spark

Step 1: Sign Up for Adobe Spark

Go to and click Edit your Video Now tab. Sign Up with different accounts as follows.

launch adobe spark online video editorStep 2: Select templates

Click Start from Scratch or select among different templates as provided.

select templates adobe spark video editorStep 3: Editing Timeline

After you complete Step 2, an editing timeline comes as shown below. It consists of different tools such as Layout, Resize, Theme, and Music, etc.

adobe spark video editing timelineStep 4: Download Project

There are three elements right on the top of the editing panel, namely the Preview, Share, and Download. Firstly, you can download the project and then tap the Share button to Invite, Publish, and Send to Google Drive.

download adobe spark project video editor

2. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is another online and best video editor specifically for beginners. It is an in-browser solution to offer various editing tools, features, custom templates, special effects, etc. It further contains an exclusive and quick Facebook Video Ad Maker.

Steps to edit video with Clipchamp

Step 1: Visit Clipchamp online website

Go to Clipchamp online video maker and click the Try for Free tab to create an account. Fill in the form present on the page as shown below. Then, you have to complete a bit more formalities as the software asks.

signup clipchamp video editorStep 2: Select Template

Choose among different templates to start editing. You need to tap the Use this Template button to confirm the editing process as given below.

choose templates clipchamp video editorStep 3: Edit

As you select the template, you will get an editing interface containing different tools. You can customize your need and Add Media, Stock, Text, Overlay, Background, Transitions, and Logo.

edit clipchamp video editorStep 4: Save Project

Click the purple Export button and download the project after choosing the format.

export clipchamp video editorSo, this was all about the two best online video editors, as mentioned above.


Thus, our discussion on free video editors and the best apps for video editing has come to an end now. You can decide your favorite as per different editing tools, interfaces, and the simplicity of video editing procedures.