Top 5 Automatic Video Subtitle Generator Software

Mar 17, 2022 | Video Editor for Business and Life

Creating subtitles is a process for videos manually can be more difficult as the duration of a long duration video. The subtitles adding process for longer videos gets complex because you need to transcribe each word in that clip. The delays in presenting subtitles will provide a great deal of confusion. No doubt, the subtitles in the video should be synced perfectly and do match with the running video and the audio. So, adding subtitles to the video matching the voice is more important. Which tool can help to do so perfectly? An automatic subtitle generator with artificial intelligence will provide you with a quick and perfect solution to this problem. With such generators, you can ready your video because such platforms generate subtitles in just a few minutes.

Today’s article will provide more about automatic video subtitle generators and platforms.

Part 1: A curated list of the top 5 automatic subtitle generator

A video auto subtitle generator is the most accepted solution to add subtitles easily. Here take a look at our collected well-researched selection below.

1. VisdeeAiDubber

Visdee AiDubber is our best and highest-recommended video subtitle generator software that will offer you the super-fast performing speed for generating subtitles and captions to videos and audios. With its unique and powerful AI video recreation features, you can create and capture original videos and add videos with voiceover and subtitles by hitting only one click. You are allowed to prepare the footage, video clip, image, and text content simply. Visdee AiDubber can help you quickly recreate your own dubbed original videos. Visdee AiDubber offers more than 20 tools that will help you to add or remove background music, intro, outro, subtitles, etc. You can complete any process with 25 video recreation and dubbing modes 100 times faster. This platform has robust video batch processing tools for adding subtitles in batch, video production, adding intro and outro, etc.


  • Offer 5 modes: Single Video Mode, Single Image Mode, Multi-video Mode, Multi-image Mode, and Multi-scenes Mode.
  • 25 recreation and dubbing modes to record dubbing with txt dubbing or srt dubbing and dubbing audios, you can choose MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, or MP3 dubbing
  • Editing Features: Remove/add intro and outro, convert video to horizontal or vertical, remove watermark from video, and more.
  • Deep de-duplication solution and video effects including video mirroring, color blending, and adding the portraits.
  • Dubbing and subtitling to convert text to audio dubbing with several voice options.

visdee aidubber

Now, let’s find out how to generate subtitles to videos using this best video editor Visdee. We have mentioned how to add subtitles to video files using Visdee AiDubber.

Step 1: Install Visdee

After installing Visdee, keep both the video without subtitle and srt files in the same folder. And make sure the file name of both files are equal.

video and srt

Step 2: Select pre-selected video files from your folder

Now you have to add your pre-selected video files by going to the “Open”> “File” to Visdee Aidubber.

Step 3: Choose mode option with dubbing option

You need to choose the "Single Mode" mode and click on the "Dub" option.

choose mode and dub option

Step 4: Selectively manage the option from dub

Click on the "Dub" option from the upper options. Tick on the "Dub Mode" and select the "add only srt" option from the given options.

select the add only srt mode

Step 5: Select subtitles options

Select the “Subtitle” and adjust its size, color, as well as background.

adjust subtitles style

Step 6: Complete the process for subtitles generation

Click the option “Start” below the options interface and finish adding subtitles.

finish adding subtitles process


VEED is a simple and easy online subtitle generator and video editor that offers multiple features. From its collective features, you can choose them, and the platform will use AI and help you generate subtitles and captions from video audio automatically. This software will let you create text and timecodes by taking the audio from your video file. After that, you can check its auto captioned texts. From the many different text styles they offer, you can choose any text style or usually keep it default. You can select the language to get subtitles in. The process of adding subtitles should take no more than 60 seconds.


  • Generate subtitles for your clips in a few seconds with a single click.
  • This speech-recognition software helps to transcribe any video automatically.
  • Change text position letter-spacing with its vast selection of fonts, languages, sizes, styles, and more.
  • Make videos aligning with any selected brand, message, and style.
  • Features for effect/text encoding, subtitling, editing, and many advanced features.



  • The subtitle tools generate captions automatically for the videos.
  • Uploading is quick and easy and helps to integrate with YouTube.


  • The free version has a limitation on uploading videos within 50MB.

3. Zubtitle

Zubtitle is an AI auto caption generator with an offered extensive library including more than hundreds of subtitles so that you can easily choose from them while generating your videos with caption or subtitle. Zubtitle is used and known mainly because of its user interface. The user interface of Zubtitle is simple and easy to operate. Additionally, the platform offers multiple features to add subtitles in other languages besides English. It also provides even different accents. You can get started for free with Zubtitle, upgrade to a paid plan, unlock more features and upload more videos monthly.


  • Offer various fonts styles and let users switch within their generator.
  • Repurpose the content and resize your videos for uploading different social media to all viewers.
  • Offer a variety set of subtitle languages available along with English.
  • Enhance watch time with brand recognition by adding logos and progress bars to the videos.
  • Allow downloading files in .txt & .srt transcription formats.



  • Easily enhance your videos using the features and grab your viewer’s attention.
  • There is no requirement to transcribe speech manually.


  • There is no program for affiliating and lacks a desktop application.

4. Subtitle Bee

Subtitle Bee is well-known for providing multiple choices to add subtitles on files. This all-in-one video subtitle generator has a library including more than 120 languages for the users. Users from many language holding users can easily choose from and then edit a caption. Subtitle Bee has artificial intelligence to ensure you add closed captions to gain views. Another attractive point is if anyone wants a tool for branding purposes, you can add your own created logo or watermark wherever you like. This platform allows users to integrate with several social media platforms.


  • Help to integrate with social media like YouTube and Facebook.
  • Generate subtitles for audio-video automatically.
  • Provide a library with more than 120 languages to select from.
  • Offer the tool to add logos or watermarks for branding.
  • Several basic and advanced tools to crop and edit videos.



  • Fast results and helpful for having transcribing interviews.
  • The customer support is excellent and helpful, and the transcription feature works great.


  • Limitation on video and duration.

5. MaestraSuite

MaestroSuite is an AI video subtitle and auto-creation generator that can help you to generate both closed captions and subtitles. While using this SRT file generator to create and add subtitles and captions, you may feel editing tools are more complex compared to other average tools, but the result won’t let you down and won’t let anything that may scare you off. So, it may not be manageable for beginners with less experience or skills to operate these tools. In MaestraSuite, you will get a variety of built-in templates so that you can easily choose from them while uploading videos and then can start typing.


  • Allow generating and adding subtitles automatically for video clips, own created footage, and TV programs.
  • Create voiceovers automatically and allow sharing access for an account.
  • Free translations and provide fast subtitle generating service.
  • Offer more than 50 languages while using it as a video and audio text converter.



  • Save money on transcripts without any additional cost.
  • A good feature in auto subtitling to many videos and providing good subtitle transcripts.


  • Severe restriction while selecting the number of characters for uploading per minute.

Overall: What do you think after taking the overview of all these top 5 automatic video subtitle generator software? From providing the most straightforward steps for generating videos to edit, recreate, or any basic and advanced task, all tasks can go through using the all-in-all multitasking video editor and automatic video subtitle generator VisdeeAiDubber. Our other subtitle generators are suitable, but VisdeeAiDubber has left other platforms behind for better accurate results and performance. This platform will blow your mind with precise execution and rich features. Though there are a lot of features offered by Visdee, you won’t be bothered by operating the software even if you are a beginner. There are also multiple advanced tools described in the Visdee section for the expert users to complete complex editing videos and audios.

Undoubtedly, Visdee will offer you the most effective result for any video editing task. Along with generating subtitles on a video, it also helps to add moving and scrolling texts. We will provide you with two additional ways to understand that Visdee will always support you in the simplest ways.

Part 2: How to add moving text to video on Windows and Mac easily?

If you would like to add moving text to the video on Windows and Mac, check out the following guidelines for adding moving text to videos using the Visdee Aidubber platform.

Step 1: Insert a video to Aidubber

Launch Visdee Aidubber, and insert video to the software using the open file option.

insert video

Step 2: Leaping Text

Now, visit the Watermark section > tick mark the ‘Leaping Text,’ enter the text at the content area. Define text color as well as size.

leaping text

Step 3: Start Button

Now, click on the start button to add moving text to a video.

start button

Part 3: How to add scrolling text to video on Windows and Mac easily?

We will let you know about the guideline for adding scrolling text to your video with Visdee Aidubber. Let’s understand the Visdee steps to add scrolling text.

Step 1: Launch Visdee and Upload Video

First, you need to launch Visdee Aidubber, then upload the video using the Open file menu.

upload video

Step 2: Scrolling Text

Visit the Watermark menu, check mark the Scrolling text> enter the text under the content area, add details for its color, text size, or other information and press the Start button.

scrolling text

Then, check the video how scrolling text appears to the video.


We are closing our discussion regarding some top automatic video subtitle generator software to provide you with a better experience while generating subtitles and captions. You can use any of these generators mentioned above to accomplish your tasks. We have already mentioned our high recommended auto subtitle generator Visdee AiDubber. With its powerful subtitle-adding tool, you can easily add generated subtitles and captions on videos with super-fast speed compared to other top generators. That’s why Visdee AiDubber is the wisest choice of all. We believe this platform will not ever let your expectation down.