2022 Top 9 Alternative To VSDC Free Video Editor

Feb 12, 2022 | Best Video Editor

VSDC video editor is a free and open-source video editing platform aimed to help users convert one format to another. However, it does a lot more than that.

You can use VSDC to edit videos of any complexity or perform simple tasks like applying special effects and filters. But is VSDC the right choice for you? Does it suit beginners and non-professional? Or should they consider other tools?

You will find answers to all these questions. And in case you do not like what VSDC has to offer — there are also alternatives to VSDC mentioned in this list.

Part 1: Brief Review On VSDC Free Video Editor

As stated, VSDC is a free and open-source platform for transcoding videos easily. And that is why it is also known as VSDC free video converter. But you will also find options to cut, merge video files, apply visual and audio effects, use filtration and image correction using the software. Besides tweaking the videos, VSDC also provides tools to add an appropriate soundtrack. Of course, it supports numerous audio codecs too.

You will also find some advanced video editing options like multi-color VSDC Chroma Key with multiple parameters settings to give your video a professional look and feel along with the audio. In all, you will have control of every aspect of the video in the question. Yes, you will miss on advanced options like ones provided by tools like Filmora (mentioned later) — but if you do not have much idea about video editing and do not want to pursue video editing as a career — then VSDC is the tool for you.

Key Features:

  • All popular video and audio formats are supported
  • Powerful Chroma Key to remove the green background from the videos
  • Numerous transitions, filters, and special effects transform normal-looking videos into professionally created clips
  • Other essential functions like 360 video editing, color correction, and more
  • VSDC is not heavy on computer resources and can run on computers with the lowest system resources

Pros of VSDC Video Editor Pro:

  • Where video editing programs could cost a fortune, VSDC is a free application
  • A simple-to-use interface makes things easy for the beginners
  • Besides doing what it is designed to do — a video re-encoder — VSDC also has cool video editing options
  • Tons of tutorials are available alongside the application to help beginners and non-professionals

Cons of VSDC Pro:

  • Lacks some advanced options — the ones that let you edit every bit of the video

How Does Vsdc Video Editor work?

Firstly, visit the official site of the VSDC video editor and download the application. Open the software and follow these simple steps to learn how to use the VSDC video editor:

Step 1. Import the videos to VSDC.

You will have to choose the — Import Content — icon on the Start screen when you launch the program. As soon as you load the content, a pop-up window will ask you to choose several parameters — like resolution, framerate, and some other parameters.

VSDC step 1

Step 2.  Cut, split, crop, and rotate a video in VSDC

All of these basic features are available within one menu in VSDC. You can access Cutting and Splitting tools to trim, split, crop, and rotate a video in VSDC. For instance, to cut a video — choose Trim Start to begin trimming and choose Trim Stop to finish the marking.

VSDC step 2

Step 3. Export a video from VSDC

After you have edited the video as desired, simply select — Export Project to export the video.

VSDC step 3

There you go! That is how to use the VSDC video editor.

Part 2: Best Alternative To Vsdc Free Video Editor – Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare is a known name in the video editing industry. And for a reason: the Filmora — its video editing tool — is one of the finest in the world and is cherished by both experts and beginners alike. That is because it is both advanced yet simple to use. You can use features like Green Screen, Layer-based editing, and more like never before. Of course, there is a small learning curve — but you can access the tons of guides provided by the vendor that you could access anytime you’re stuck.

Wondershare Filmora

In all, if you need one tool for video editing — regardless of whether you’re a master or just started — Filmora is the tool for you.

Key Features:

  • The software uses AI algorithms to pick footage highlights and automatically tune in a clip that might suit your needs
  • The FilmStock Library Integration with the recent update has brought more than 20000 effects, templates, and more — meaning you will both save time and not have to leave Filmora to search for stock-free content
  • The recent updates have also brought some useful features like AR Stickers, AI Portrait, Auto Reframe, Revised Audio Effects, Filmstock Effects Library Integration.
  • Cloud Files to synchronize multiple files and use them across applications.
  • You will also find basic options for cutting, trimming, splitting as well as advanced options like Chroma Key, Multi-layer editing, and more.

Pros of Wondershare Filmora:

  • Simple-to-utilize interface. Intuitive enough to help neophytes edit videos like a professional.
  • A huge library of stock-free content allows you to put your imagination into reality
  • Regarded by popular media houses like PCMag, G2, Trustradius — as one of the best video editing tools for experts, beginners, and non-professionals

Cons of Wondershare Filmora:

  • None — compared to VSDC free editor or any editor for that matter

How to use Wondershare Filmora Video Editor?

Here’s how to use Wondershare Filmora Video Editor:

Step 1. Create New Project

Install the Filmora application on your computer. Launch it. From the main interface, choose — Start a new project. And from the app interface— choose the New project

Wondershare Filmora step 1

Step 2. Import or Drag-n-Drop files onto the timeline

Up next, select the import to add videos files to the software interface. You can also Aragon-drop files! You can add as many videos as you want in the same manner. Once uploaded, you can preview them. To load them onto the timeline — drag and arrange them onto the timeline by using the mouse.

Wondershare Filmora step 2

Step 3. Export the video

You can choose Export Project to export the video. There, you can choose the resolution and platform that you want to load the video.

Wondershare Filmora step 3

This is just an example of how Filmora works. There’s a lot of things to be learned.

Part 3: Other Helpful Alternatives To VSDC Video Editor

Here are other helpful alternatives to VSDC video editor:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is a familiar name in the video industry. And that is because all of its software is dedicated to video editing — in one or another way. Its Premiere Pro too — has the same craze among the video editors. Adobe Premiere Pro — a timeline-based video editor — allows you to tweak every bit of the video.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Key Features:

  • Unified version numbers
  • Speech to Text improvements
  • Color management for Sony XAVC-L-HDR
  • Media Relinking for Team Projects and more

2. HitFilm Express

A free tool with professional-grade VFX features, HitFilm Express allows you to make great content easily. Perfect for YouTubers, Gamers, beginners, and non-professionals  — HitFilm express has both basic functions like cutting, merging as well as advanced editing options like — Motion tracking and animation tools.

HitFilm Express

Key Features:

  • Simple user interface — Intuitive interface with a fast learning curve
  • Over 100 hours of free tutorials and masterclasses
  • 4K exports, professional formats, no watermarks
  • Biggest free VFX toolkit on the market

3. ShotCut

A free, open-source, and cross-platform video editor — ShotCut supports various codecs and has multiple device and transport options. The sleek and intuitive interface of ShotCut is impressive and allows even the least-educated (concerned with video editing) to edit the videos to the finest quality.


Key Features:

  1. It supports the latest audio and video formats — thanks to FFmpeg
  2. It supports popular image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, WebP as well as image sequences
  3. No import required – native timeline editing
  4. Frame-accurate seeking for many formats
  5. Multi-format timeline

4. Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is like any other Apple tool. Exquisite and professional — in all terms. Loved by the industry experts — Final Cut Pro X presents you with the best tools to refine videos to your liking.

Final Cut Pro X

Key Features:

  • Object Tracker and Cinematic mode.
  • Get the tools to transform videos and give them the ultimate cinematic effect.
  • Super-fast unified memory shared across the CPU

5. DaVinci Resolve

A color grading, non-linear video editing platform, DaVinci Resolve has all the features required to customize every bit of the video. The interface of the software is simple and allows you to work on all fronts well.

DaVinci Resolve

Key Features:

  • The legendary quality of Fairlight audio processing for the best sound in the industry
  • New HDR grading tools
  • AI-based magic mask and more

6. OpenShot

A free and open-source platform available across platforms including macOS, Windows, and Linux — OpenShot is easy-to-use, quick to learn, and surprisingly has all-powerful video editing features.


Key Features: 

  • Add as many layers as you need for watermarks, background videos, audio tracks, and more.
  • Visualize your audio files as waveforms
  • Drag and drop video, audio, or images from your file manager into OpenShot.

7. Movavi Video Editor

An intuitive video editing software for creativity, Movavi — is the perfect tool to bring your imagination and print them onto the videos. Having all the complex settings and parameters, Movavi — somehow — manages to make it simple for users to utilize the platform.

Movavi Video Editor

Key Features:

  • Titles, frames, and background are available in abundance — for easy editing
  • Chroma Key
  • Color correction and more.

8. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is one of the best tools available in the market for smaller devices, i.e., mobile devices. Liked by the professional tools it provides on iOS devices — LumaFusion is loved by experts who have edited videos while on the go.


Key Features:

  •  Integration with Dropbox Replay
  •  Use add/edit sources to add Replay to the LumaFusion library and export.
  • Learn more about this great new integration


VDSC is a free, open-source non-linear video editing software with numerous formats supported. The features of the software are enough to categorize it as a professional video editing tool, however, it is far from competing against the top video editing platforms like Filmora, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Still, if you are satisfied with what VSDC has to offer — you should definitely try it, given it is entirely free to utilize. And in case you need extra features and perks — then Filmora would be a more suitable option.