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[100% Working] Best Secure & Quick Tools for Xiaomi Phone Data

Aug 17, 2021 | Data Recovery Tips and Solutions, Recover Android Data

Introduced in 2010, Xiaomi is presently one of the largest mobile makers in the world. Being the vast smartphone brand in several countries, it also has a considerable presence in Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. Now, the company is the fourth most valued tech startup in the globe. However, its range of intelligent product ranges like TV, speakers, bands, etc., is famous for its smartphones. While their smartphones are pretty considerable, there are chances when users end up losing their important data due to various reasons. In this situation, they often look for methods to perform Xiaomi phone data recovery. Luckily, there are many ways to get back Xiaomi deleted photos, videos, documents, and other files. This post will describe how to recover deleted pictures from Xiaomi phones in not one but three different ways.

Part 1: Top 5 Tools to Recover data from broken Xiaomi Phone

If you accidentally delete your important data without any backup, don’t panic; the best tools to recover data from broken Xiaomi phones are here for you. This excellent Xiaomi phone Data recovery software can help you recover lost data from Xiaomi internal storage, SD card, and SIM card. So, let’s check them out without further delay!

1. Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery

Dr.Fone- Android Data Recovery is a power pack of programs that retrieve deleted data on Android devices. Moreover, you can use several small utilities for regular operations, such as images backup and unlocking the phone’s main screen. Primarily, it is a data recovery tool that comes in handy if you accidentally lost or removed images, contacts, or crucial texts on your mobile device.

drfone android data recovery

Via this software, you can recover data from Xiaomi phones like images, videos, contacts, texts, contact, notes, calendars, and more things from iOS and Android devices. This software scans your Android phone for all the deleted data and offers a preview of all the found content. You can choose the specific data which you want to restore within the device. Let’s say that you’ve installed the Dr. Fone – Android Toolkit on, computer, launch it, and you’ll see an interface as follows. Select “Data Extraction (Damaged Device)” from the main screen and go through the process.

launch drone android

Step 1: Connect your broken Xiaomi phone to the computer via USB cable, and make the program determine it.

Now, you need to select the data that you wish to recover. After that, click “Next.

connect device drfone

Step 2: Choose one deviation that matches your phone’s condition.

After you finish choosing your phone’s name and model, then go with the option “I agree with the warning and am ready to proceed.” Then, select the “Next” tab to confirm.

select device condition drfone

Step 3: Follow the instructions to operate the Download mode, and then, you can click the “Start” button to download the restoration package.

Preview and choose the data content you wish to extract and hit the “Recover” button to recover data from a broken Xiaomi phone. Now, you can click the “Back” button and press the “Exit recovery mode” tab to reboot the connected Xiaomi phone and make it back to its normal state.

drfone android recovery

2. iCare Data Recovery

iCare free mobile data recovery tool assists you recover data from a broken Xiaomi phone due to a virus attack, OS crash, or a genuine mistake. iCare is capable of reclaiming lost data from your pen drives. It can also recover data from different kinds of SD cards such as SDXC, MicroSD, SDHC etc.

icare data recovery

This Xiaomi phone data recovery software can help recover lost data from hard drives as well. iCare conducts a deep scan for quick selection of which files to be retrieved. The software then offers dedicated services and is even compatible with older versions of Windows OS such as seven and XP.

Step 1: Download the iCare Data Recovery toolkit on PC. Then, proceed with the standard installation steps. Finally, log in to the program. The interface will be as below.

Step 2: At the main interface, there are four options to recover data as follows:
– Lost Partition Recovery (recover data 1 deleted partition).
– Advanced Files Recovery (recover any deleted data).
– Deep Scan Recovery (enhance finding and recovering data by deep scan).
– Format Recovery (recover data in a formatted partition).
select icare recovery

Select the drive/partition containing the deleted file and then click Recover to proceed with the recovery.

select drive icare

Now the program will automatically scan the removed data and then recover it.

Step 3: After scanning is over, the lost files before will appear. Now choose the file you need to recover, and then hit the Save Files tab.

recover android data icare

3. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

It lets you recover lost data from Android devices and tablet devices. This Xiaomi phone data recovery tool is free to use and comes with functions expected of every solid data restoration program. Within only three steps, you’ll be face to face with all your lost documents/folders/ files, etc. EaseUS MobiSaver allows one to select the specific data to be recovered and further save them to their preferred location.

easeusmobisaver android

It recovers lost contacts, SMS, images, videos, audio files, and documents from Android phones. Advance data restoration is also possible with MobiSaver. It can recover lost or deleted data due to OS crashes, improper operations, accidental deletion, failed rooting, virus/malware attack, and other unknown conditions.

Step 1: Take your Xiaomi Android mobile and connect it to a PC.

connect xiaomieaseus

Step 2: EaseUS Android recovery software starts to scan your Xiaomi phone and determine all found images, videos, audios, documents, contacts, texts, etc.

scan files easeus

Step 3: All recovered files will come on the user’s interface. Select a particular location and preview.

display files easeus

Now, recover Xiaomi files as shown below.

recover android data easeus

4. FoneDog – Android Data Recovery

Fonedog Android Data Recovery is a data retrieval program specializing in data restoration from Android devices, including Xiaomi phones. It is a highly rated recovery program/software that most people claim works excellent to recover different data kinds. It allows for selective data recovery, allowing users to preview content before recovery. It is pretty quick with a high recovery rate. It supports up to 6000 plus different Android devices and all versions of the Android OS.

fonedog android data recovery

Step 1: Install Fonedog onto your PC, run the program to connect the Android device to the PC via USB cables.

install fonedog

Step 2: Now, activate the USB debugging to allow the program to determine the Xiaomi device. Fonedog offers instructions on how to do that in the following window.

enable USB debugging fonedog

Now, enter the date you would like to recover and click “Next” to continue.

Step 3: The program will scan the device for the lost data. When over, review the content in the next window and choose what you want to recover. Then, hit the “Recover” when you’re ready.

recover android data fonedog

5. Tenorshare UltData Android Data Recovery

With the technical advancements in every industry, you would want fast and effective results for anything digital. This app offers a quick solution for Xiaomi broken phone data recovery or lost files from your Android device or SD card. This software performs a quick scan on your Xiaomi phone and recovers all the deleted videos, audios, images, and WhatsApp texts in just a few clicks.

Tenorshare ultdata

No matter what you lost due to accidental deletion, factory reset, etc., you can recover it with the Tenorshare UltData. Also, you would get access to multilingual options offered by this app.

Step 1: Launch the program and select the feature “Recover Lost Data.

launch Tenorshare

Then connect your Xiaomi phone via the OEM USB cable.

Step 2: Before scanning the data, you need to enter USB debugging mode on your broken Xiaomi phone. Follow the instruction below:

  • First, tick the “USB Charging” from the Phone taskbar and switch the USB option to “Transferring files.”
  • Click “Settings,” search “Build,” and select “Build number” on the result, then hit it seven times.
  • Once the USB debugging is enabled, your device will pop up a window to ask you to allow the authorization on your device. Click “OK.”

Step 3: Select the data you’d like to scan when connected. Then hit the “Next” button. The software will scan your lost/deleted images on your Xiaomi phone.

start scanning Tenorshare

After scanning, the program will show all data. You can preview them before recovery.

android data recovery Tenorshare

Select the data or files you want to recover and then hit the “Recover” tab in the lower-right corner.

Part 2: Top 3 In-Built Ways for Xiaomi Phone Data Recovery

1. Mi Cloud Storage

Xiaomi provides Mi Cloud Storage for easy data backup on Mi devices. So, you are required to look for this specific feature in your Xiaomi phone and easily backup and restore your Xiaomi phone data within seconds. Given below are the ultimate steps to do so:

Step 1: Sign In to the Mi account and go to the Products tab to select the Mi Cloud option.

launch mi cloud

Step 2: Enter your Mi account credentials and scan for all the Android files on the interface.

Step 3: Choose the files you need to recover and hit the Download button to proceed with.

choose files Tenorshare

2. Xiaomi Backup App

It’s another particular app called as Xiaomi Backup App, by which you can easily backup Android data even before the deletion occurs.

Step 1: Open Xiaomi Backup App on your Mi smartphone.

Step 2: The recoverable files will then get listed on the app’s screen.

Step 3: Select the Android data you want to recover and hit the Restore tab.

restore data mi backup

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Thus, if you were ever in a scenario where you need to recover data from a broken Xiaomi phone, you can blindly trust the mentioned Android data recovery tools/programs. They are highly ideal and pretty efficient as Android data recovery software. The earlier you use them, the higher the possibility of successful Xiaomi phone data recovery.