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Top 5 YouTube Clip Downloaders You Shouldn’t Miss!

by | May 14, 2021 | Clip Videos, Social Media Video Editor

Suppose you are watching the full music performance video of Whitney Houston of the Song named “How Will I Know” at Merv Griffin Show 1985 (4:50 minutes). You are so blown away by its musical tune that you have to share it with your friends. But the video has an introduction part of about 1 minute, which you don’t want. And, you want to send a colleague a short and vital snippet of the YouTube video? But how and which YouTube clip editor can help you edit the video? YouTube video clipper is the best way to help you download the YouTube video on your device and clip the video.

In the tutorial below, we’ll read why you need a YouTube clip downloader and the few best YouTube trimmers to help you quickly clip a YouTube video online.

Part 1: Why is a YouTube clip downloader required?

There are various reason to have a good YouTube clip downloader:

  • YouTube Video Clip Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos in the desired format you want to.
  • It also allows you to clip the required portion of a YouTube video by simply pasting the copy in it.
  • Some YouTube clippers and downloaders have additional functions to add to the video clip.
  • You can save the downloaded and clipped videos in your storage from where you can watch the short, cut videos in the future.

Part 2: Best tools to clip and download YouTube video

1. YouTube trimmer

YouTube trimmer is an easy-to-use trimmer for YouTube to clip, trim, and crop YouTube videos online. When you select the fragment you need, this YouTube clip editor will automatically generate an embedded code and two URLs. You need to then paste the code/URL to the place wherever you want to download.

youtube trimmer


  • Trims and crops online YouTube videos.
  • It generates customized quick-share embedded URLs and codes for you.
  • Sharing options available.
  • Easily set the start and end times to select the portion to crop.

How to Trim Online YouTube Videos using YouTube Trimmer:

Step1: Enter/Paste URL

Enter a YouTube link or URL. You can also enter keywords and click the “OK” button.

Step2: Crop

Set the start and end times. Then crop the part you like.

Step3: Embed or Grab Link

Lastly, copy the URL of the cropped video and embed it on your website.

2. YTCropper

YTCropper functions and is an excellent option for clipping YouTube videos and downloading YouTube video clips. YTCropper does not offer to download cropped clips directly. For completing the process, YTCropper provides a direct link to your video with an embed code that you can use in websites or blogs.



  • It helps in trimming and clipping YouTube videos.
  • Embed video at the time of selected start and stop.
  • It supports looping, cropping your favorite part out of a song.
  • You can share the direct link provided on the page.

How to Trim Online YouTube Videos with YTcropper?

Step 1: Paste YouTube URL
Enter either the YouTube URL or any specific ID of the video to create a duration clip. Click “Crop” to select the start and stop times of your desired cropped YouTube video.

Step 2: Adjust handles to crop
After inserting the link:

  • Set video start and stop times.
  • Click on the timeline bar.
  • Drag the slider to choose the times for your cropped video.

Step 3: Embed the Link

You will get the direct link or embed code upon clicking “Crop” on the previous page.

3. oDownloader

oDownloader is a free online download that helps you download videos from several sites and even allows you to clip and download YouTube videos. Other than YouTube, the supported websites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Soundcloud. It allows downloading YouTube videos in HD resolution besides offering a “playlist downloader” attached with a playlist to add music and the background.



  • You are free to cut, trim, and crop YouTube videos online.
  • Allows you to choose between different formats and resolutions.
  • It supports both video and audio output.
  • Save the cropped parts to the computer.

How to Trim Online YouTube Videos with oDownloader:

Step1: Paste URL

Paste your selected YouTube URL. Click on the “Cut’ button.

Step2: Customize and Crop

Move the time slider and choose your desired time duration for the video. Then select the video or audio quality, and after that, click on the “Crop” button.

Step 3: Download

Lastly, download the trimmed video directly to your device.

4. YT Cutter

YT Cutter is widely known and is one of the famous YouTube clip makers. It is a free web-based trimming platform with such a clean and intuitive interface that allows you to download and clip YouTube videos online in a few steps. YT Cutter also offers to download gif animation, music track, and screenshot.

yt cutter


  • Extracts scenes quickly and easily from YouTube videos online with no registration.
  • Allows exporting trimmed/clipping YouTube videos to video, animated GIF, or audio.
  • Trim and download YouTube movies.
  • It has high cropping precision (0.1 sec).

How to Trim Online YouTube Videos with YT Cutter:

Step1: Paste Copied URL

First, copy a YouTube URL and paste it to the designated box of YT Cutter. Then click on the “Start” button.

Step2: Select the Video Part

To select the video part you want to keep, click on the “Start” and “End” buttons.

Step3: Preview & Download

Finally, you can preview the trimming part, and once all OK, choose the download option.

5. Hashcut

Hashcut is a YouTube clip downloader that allows you to easily make clips of your favorite YouTube videos and share them with your friends. Hashcut helps you clip YouTube videos for making your video highlights in seconds. You can cut away at on either desktop or mobile or clip directly from YouTube.



  • Clip-in seconds with easy steps.
  • Clip straight from YouTube without additional software.
  • Add text and assets such as emojis and stickers.
  • Combine clips to create highlight reels.

How to Trim Online YouTube Videos with YT Cutter:

Step 1: Paste URL

Visit and paste the appropriate YouTube URL.

Step 2: Crop

Click on the Start Recording button. After ending the clip, click on the End Recording button.
Step 3: Save & Create More

Finally, you can save and share the clip. For creating multiple clips from the same video, click the button Add to Recording.


Thus, we have reached the end of our discussion regarding the top five YouTube clip downloaders with guidelines for each. That’s all the information for how to clip YouTube videos online for free with appropriate information. So, now, it’s your turn to give one of them a try.