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Best Online YouTube Cutters of All Times!

by | May 19, 2021 | Cut Videos, Online Free Video Editor, Social Media Video Editor, Video Creation Solution

YouTube is the largest repository of online videos. Whether you are a content creator looking for interesting clips or a social media influencer who wants to promote engaging content or your channel, YouTube video cutters are the handy tool you can use. Many of the online platforms cannot upload videos, such as video length and time. Remember the last time you couldn’t share that great clip from the movie on YouTube because it was too big? Don’t worry; there are many versatile tools available to cut YouTube videos.

Part 1: Why need a YouTube video cutter?

  1. YouTube’s library is vast. Yet, you don’t have an option to download and edit videos natively on the platform. That is why you should use a third-party YouTube video cutter to cut and download Youtube videos for your need. Let’s see why you need YouTube cutters
  2. YouTube cutters can trim long videos on YouTube to a specific length. It is instrumental in making a movie/documentary of your own and needing to use clips from multiple sources.
  3. YouTube video cutters help overcome limitations in video upload on many online platforms by reducing their length and size.
  4. Many YouTube cutters can operate online without actually downloading the entire file that helps to save space on your device
  5. These tools are not just YouTube clip cutters. They have much additional functionality to enhance your videos, such as adding effects, changing quality, etc.
  6. Many influencers are forced to provide YouTube video links instead of sharing video clips directly on platforms such as Instagram. The latter is more appealing to the audience, and YouTube cutters can help you.
  7. Many of these YouTube video cutters have a straightforward, user-friendly interface. The basic functionality to a cut clip from YouTube without going through a painful editing process in advanced software is advantageous.

Part 2: Best online YouTube video cutters


If you are looking for a YouTube video cutter online, then VEED is one of the best options for you. It easy to use and options fr sharing on multiple platforms. With VEED, you don’t even need to download to cut YouTube videos. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to and upload your video clip or directly input your YouTube link to cut YouTube video
  2. Go to project settings and apply the size and desired length of the video
  3. Export the video (download it on your device or share online)



2. oDownloader

oDownloader is another powerful YouTube clip cutter software for Windows. Apart from YouTube, it supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Flick, etc. You don’t even need an account. It also has a browser extension useful to cut and download YouTube videso directly from your browser. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to and insert your YouTube link and click cut
  2. In the new window, you will view your video. Move the red bars to set time duration.
  3. Select the video quality and click download.


3. Tubejii

Tubejii is one of the simplest apps on this list. You can cut YouTube videos online and download and also convert the video to audio. This free platform works on smartphones, iOS devices, and desktops. It also has support for Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how you do it.

    1. Upload the YouTube video link on
    2. Move the white bars below the video to cut the clip from the YouTube video and click on the Cut Video Clip button on the right. You also have the option for Full Download and Conversion.
    3. Choose Save File from the Download window and click OK.


4. YT Cutter

YT Cutter is another online YouTube video cutter and download tool with high precision (0.1 sec). You can trim and download videos on your computer and export them as video, audio, or GIF. It has a beautiful interface without any pesky advertisements.

  1. Go to and upload the link to the online YouTube cutter.
  2. Select the Start and End time from the left side. You can pause the video and use < and > buttons for a precise cut.
  3. Click on preview to verify the cut and select any options from the dropdown menu on the Download button.


5. Hashcut

Hashcut is another YouTube video cutter online that’s best suited for social media. It has many sharing options, including Discord, Twitter, and Reddit. The app has a straightforward interface and also has a Google Chrome extension. You also have options for adding texts, stickers and combining multiple clips.

  1. Go to and upload the link
  2. Click on Start recording, and then End recording where you want to trim the clip.

Unlike other cutters, there is no YouTube cut and download option here. You can register an account and permanently save it as a Hashcut in your account or share a link directly to other platforms.


6. Typito

Typito is a feature-rich online video editor. Unlike other YouTube clip cutters, you can’t directly download clips from YouTube using this one. It’s a tool to edit a YouTube video already downloaded using third-party agents. But it has one of the best interfaces and a lot of options to edit your video. However, you need to sign up to use the tools.

  1. Sign in to Click create and then click Upload to upload your target file from local storage.
  2. Once uploaded you can add text and other graphics to the video. Adjust the video length using the slider below.

Once finished, click Export on the top-right corner to download the edited. clip.


7. YT Cropper

The last YouTube clip cutter on our list, YT Cropper, believes in simplicity. You can make a custom length sharable link using YT cropper and share it across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, email or text message, etc. It is an open-source project, and the downloadable javascript helps you crop YouTube videos on your website.

    1. Go to and paste the link
    2. In the next screen, use the slider across the timer bar to select the length of the video.
    3. Once you clip the video, click on Crop. In the next screen, you will get both embedded code (for websites) and a direct link to the cropped video.


YouTube video cutters are tools to cut and download YouTube videos for various platforms. We have listed some of the most widely used YouTube cutters in this list. You can cut YouTube video online and download them to your local storage or share via online platforms. Apart from using them to cut a clip from YouTube videos, these online YouTube cutters can be helpful to edit them. Thus, whether you are a hobbyist or professional, check out these awesome YouTube clip cutters today.