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How to Fix the YouTube Green Screen Issue on Roku/Firefox/Android TV?

by | May 24, 2021 | Green Screen, Video Creation Solution

The instant appearance of a green screen while trying to play a video is annoying, which appears due to various reasons that you need to fix immediately. There is no particular reason for identifying the video playing issue before it happens. There have simple and also advanced ways so that whenever you face green screen issues, you can fix them without being puzzled. Whether you watch YouTube videos on Roku, Firefox, and Android, today’s article is to let you know the better ways to fix YouTube green screen issues.

Part 1: Does YouTube have a green screen?

While watching videos on YouTube, rarely you may find your screen turn green for some time. The reason can be the poor hardware performance of your obtained computer. The YouTube green screen also causes flash player issues or outdated graphic drivers that can hardly support high-quality videos when trying to play. If you are operating any unsafe third-party software, it can create system errors, and as a result, you may face the green screen video problem. You may avoid green screen problems by playing the videos in another browser, deleting cookies, cache data, temporary files, rebooting the computer, etc. Better than avoiding, you can better focus on its internal processor like you can disable hardware acceleration or update your browser.

Part 2: How to fix the YouTube green screen?

1. YouTube Green Screen Roku

Are you facing the problem of appearing a green screen on your Roku and Roku 4k TVTCL? After a recent update, many Roku TV users get a green screen while streaming anything on their TV. It occurs basically on the application rather than appearing Live or on local TV channels. After getting the recent update, many people face YouTube green screen Roku because of a bug in the Roku. If this green screen issue is not the reason, there can be a problem with the HDMI cables. Get the possible ways to fix the YouTube green screen issue:

    • Power cycle Roku TV: The power cycle of Roku TV can help to fix the green screen problem. The power cycle works for both the TCL Roku 4k TV and Roku TV. By unplugging your TV from the power socket for few (30-60 sec) seconds, you can power the cycle of your Roku TV. After few seconds, open your TV and turn it on. Open the YouTube app and check still you are facing the green screen issue on your TV.
    • Switch between Live TV and application on Roku: If the power cycle didn’t fix the green screen on your Roku or TCL Roku 4k TV, you can try switching between TV and application in order to fix this problem. While streaming on YouTube, you may face a green screen. Go to a local/live TV for seconds and go back to YouTube on your Roku TV. You will be able to stream online content on Roku.
    • Problem with an HDMI cable: If there are too many HDMI cables connected to your TV or have an error on the HDMI cable, you may face a green screen. For fixing it, you need to unplug unnecessary HDMI cables. After unplugging HDMI cables, check if you’re still getting the green screen. Try another HDMI cable if it won’t work.
    • System restart: In the Roku settings, use the system restart option. Sometimes doing a system restart of Roku TV fixes the green screen problem.

system restart

  • Factory reset: You can try factory resetting your TV. Many users have ensured that the factory resetting Roku TV fixed the green screen issue on their TV. To factory reset your Roku TV, go to setting.
  • Contact Roku and TCL team: You can contact the manufacturer if anything doesn’t work for help.

2. YouTube Green Screen Firefox

For fixing the YouTube green screen Firefox, you need to disable the hardware acceleration or update your graphics driver. Let’s know these terms.

Fix 1: Disable hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is the feature of tasking GPU with all the graphics and the rendering text. It can give a better video playing and watching experience. But sometimes, it can be a reason for the green screen on YouTube problem. Disable hardware acceleration to fix the issue in Firefox. In Firefox, click the menu, go to the button and go to the Options. Go to Performance. Before Use recommended performance settings, un-check the boxes and Use hardware acceleration when available. Then re-launch Firefox, check to see if the issue is over. If not, then it’s time to update the graphics driver.

disable hardware acceleration

Fix 2: Update your graphics driver

It occurs when you are using the wrong graphics driver or an outdated one. You need to keep your graphics driver updated to see if it fixes your problem. You can edit the driver manually if you don’t have that much time. You can use the software on online tools to do it manually.

3. YouTube green screen Android TV

Because of outdated music player, an old version of Android features, or long time usages of the device for watching videos can occur YouTube green screen Android TV. Even if there are malicious apps, unsupported flash players, interrupted downloads, or video corruption, your videos can interpret a green screen. For fixing the problem, you can restart your device. You will get several tools to help you out to fix the YouTube green screen Android TV issues. You can observe the rating, positive feedback and download the suitable app to operate.

system update

Part 3: Tips to solve the YouTube green screen

While playing on YouTube, the green screen problem is mostly because of hardware and graphic drivers issues in the computer. Let’s see how you can fix YouTube green screen problem:

  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration
  2. Update your Graphics Driver
  3. Check the computer specs
  4. Run the troubleshooter
  5. Check HTML5

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration refers to GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) usage instead of CPU required for loading graphic intensive programs. If there are problems rendering web pages from CPU to GPU, it creates performance issues. In such situations, you should better disable hardware acceleration. It will help you to resolve video playing issues.

2. Update Graphics Card Drivers

Suppose you find that disabling hardware acceleration would not fix the problem for the green screen in videos, and it is continuously occurring. In that case, you can update your graphics card driver. It causes by having an old graphics card. Updating the graphics cards can remove the issues of the green screen.

3. Check the computer specs

You need to aware of your computer specs. Many latest videos cater to computers with more advanced and recent technology. With an obsolete computer, the videos will not play properly. The best solution ever to fix the problem is to upgrade.

4. Run the troubleshooter

You can run a troubleshooter on your system to fix the green screen problem in videos. Open your computer Settings app, go to Update & Security, and then go to Troubleshoot and Hardware and Devices. You will see the Run the troubleshooter; click on it. After completing the process, ensure that the green screen problem is over.

4. Check HTML5

In many cases, the videos can play well if you change your setting by using HTML5. With the help of HTML5, you will find changing video acceleration easier as it provides the option to use “about: flags.”


Finally, we reached the end of the discussion regarding fixing the YouTube green screen Roku, Firefox, and Android TV. Whichever you are using to watch YouTube videos and facing the green screen problem when playing videos, you can choose the mentioned ways to fix the problem.